You won’t always be positive, dear lady, because that’s just too hard. But you wrote a wonderful advice about being yourself in job interviews that everybody (a select audience more than others, true) can make use of.

When I started job hunting when I got out of the Navy, I had no clue what I was doing. I asked an older and wiser head if I should shave my beard, because I knew some companies frowned on facial hair. The advice: Keep the beard. If the interviewer turns you down because of looks, the company wasn’t a good fit anyway. If you’d been hired, you’d have been miserable before long. Be yourself in an interview.

So your advice about being true to yourself in an interview was spot on, IMHO, because you aren’t just looking for a paycheck, you’re looking for a place that will support you while you support them. Go get ‘em!

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Husband & retiree. Developer, tech writer, & IT geek. I fill what’s empty, empty what’s full, and scratch where it itches. Occasionally do weird & goofy things.

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