We don’t have THE dinner dance, we have variations:

  • Me making dinner, she working on her laptop on the couch (where we will eat in front of the TV to watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries or whatever our current Netflix obsession is);
  • Me making dinner, she making bag lunches for the next work day;
  • Me doing main course, she doing sides and drinks.

It’s not that my wife doesn’t cook, it’s just that she is of the We Plan Our Meals Dammit school (recipes, reviews, shopping list; ingredients + tools laid out precisely on the kitchen counter) while I’m of the Odd Stuff In The Pantry & Fridge — It’s What’s For Dinner persuasion. Most nights she thinks the best-tasting food is whatever she doesn’t have to make herself, so it works out.

When we entertain, she takes the lead on cooking and I assist. Unless we’re grilling something, because she doesn’t trust herself with the BBQ.

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