Valid point, JB, and I know SCOTUS history shows that court predictions are very hard (especially future ones <g>). But the news I’m seeing about the transition team indicates to me that the new administration will carry through on its promise (its self-envisioned mandate?) to not follow the rules. GOP leaders in the House who opposed the president-elect were asked if they worried about his famous desire for vengeance; nah, he’ll come around, because if he wants to get anything done he needs to go through them, they said. Really? He’s got six years of examples of how to get things done (sometimes poorly) with a House dead set opposed to anything that the White House proposed; who is to say that the new Executive won’t be happy enough ruling by executive orders while sticking it to the people who tried to prevent his nomination and then election? Who will stop him when he bends the rules to the point of fracture — his Attorney General?

I’m glad you’re coming out of your post-election funk, dear friend, but I feel myself drifting deeper into mine.

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