The bed bugs are totally, really, truly gone. Heating the upper floors to a minimum 140F (meaning some parts got hotter) works, although of course anything that might suffer (candles, plants, some artwork) had to be schlepped to the basement and back later. Electronic devices had to be off and unplugged (because most unplugged “off” devices aren’t, really). Took us about a week to prep.

So they day the exterminators were coming I had a bright idea. I could set my old iPhone 5 for time lapse, pointed at a clock and thermometer, and record how the process went. Bright, eh?

Yeah. Here’s what the iPhone looks like now:

Image for post
Image for post

The bright line along the screen edge? Not reflection. The battery expanded until the screen separated from the case. Fortunately it was not plugged in, so the the battery died before really bad things happened. You’ll also notice the unit still turns on; the screen is damaged around the edges, but basically still usable (although I keep a rubber band on it when I use it, mostly as a music player).

In my Navy days this was referred to as a “learning experience,” or more usually a &%#*@#!! learning experience.

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