Thank you for sharing this, Ezinne! A happy respite from the greater world. And it was sweet to hear how you and your parents travel together.

You’ve probably already thought of this, but: a wheelchair for your dad. It’s usually easy to borrow (our church loaned the one we used) or rent one. The “travel” chairs are easy to transport, the regular chairs are easier to push. Sometimes they’re available at destinations like theme parks. They’re wonderful for helping people who can’t move quickly, or can’t walk without pain, or both. And they’re instant rest spots.

Then there’s the hard part — getting the subject to sit in the damn wheelchair! It took a trip with severe pain in artificial knees to get my mother-in-law to consent to one for the following trip. (OTOH, we had an easier time getting Mom to use the wheelchair than her cane. 🙄) We also used arguments like: the chair can also be good for carrying stuff we need; it can stay at the hotel if you’re having a good day; it’s free/paid-for, so it doesn’t cost anything extra to bring it. After we got Mom to use it the first time, it was easier after that, but the first time… 😱

Anyway, just a thought! 😀

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