Sorry, BHD, here in the wilds of south central Pennsylvania, we’re a tad, shall we say, behind the curve. Whole Foods? Ha! But Bob’s items (my wife adores their muesli) have been showing up more lately in our main line stores; now if only different stores would just find a common way to categorize them, so we knew where to look. (The shots I took were in a local grocery in what can only be termed the “weird stuff aisle,” whereas in Giant they are in the natural foods section, while another local chain has them split between baking and cereal… <sigh> )

While I’m delighted that the celiac sufferers are getting decent choices (I had a childhood friend who had it, and the poor guy basically had to bring his own food over when he came to my house because food labeling was so primitive), as a side benefit I get to enjoy the replacement of simple carbs with complex versions that don’t spike my sugars. And I guess “gluten free” <never had gluten to begin with> is no worse than “carb free water,” eh?

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