Same here, Dennett. I retired in December 2019; the only contacts with the workplace gang I had were emails I initiated. Then suddenly I was getting phone calls and texts! Suddenly they missed me? Well, kinda. My old boss had had a mild myocardial infarction (while running with his daughter, just graduated with her nursing degree, in a race with medical gear standing by — it was about the most perfect heart attack possible, but he was home for a week while he recuperated) and some of his work routines (that I did for ten years while he was out) were not, as it turned out, actually formalized from my collection of notes that I had left behind. So seven months after I left, the gang was hoping I remembered some of this stuff.

I did not, it turned out. 😕

Since then, nada. Radio silence. And I’m fine with that. 😁

There are maybe five or six old classmates I would like to see again. Three of them are dead. There are a bunch of old classmates I have no desire to see whatsoever. So Deb has told me she will not make me go to any reunions. 👍

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