OMG There’s Been a Change on Medium!

Usually we only get those during months with a vowel in them…

Jack Herlocker
2 min readMay 16


Medium promised Yet Another Awesome Page Redesign:

This would be the first makeover since <checks watch> y’know, doesn’t matter, what counts is, they’re trying to improve the pages with better photo options.

And I’m finally starting to see some of that, from author/photographers who post STUNNING photos (in this case, Erika Burkhalter):

Which is good, because the change last year was not great, shall we say:

Still some bumps, though. Like my own stories showing up in my suggested Medium feed.

My Medium feed. Third one was written by me. (screen shot by author)

Way long time ago (2015, when I joined Medium) my stories would show up in my feed as stories I might like, which was both (a) spot on and (2) kinda irrelevant. Especially since I’d already read them.

Still, rejoice in the improvements!

Yes! A pano photo that fills up my screen again! (photo by author of his backyard, spring 2023) Yes, sorry, doesn’t show well on a phone screen. Oh well!



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