Okay, people. First, nobody read the tags, the fifth one specifically says “Party At Dennetts House”.

Second, thank you to Harper Thorpe for mentioning people so I could copy & paste: Sherry Kappel, Roy, Annie Littlewolf, Erik Smith, Tre L. Loadholt, S Lynn Knight ~ 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈, Stephen M. Tomic, Mark Starlin, Tracy Aston, Dennett, Elizabeth Helmich, Erika Sauter (Erika, I know you’re probably sitting there going “Why am I mixed up in this craziness?” — it’s because you wrote an article on marriage and I wrote a Conversation about it, so I’m blaming you), Heath ዟ, ACWMH (because #methghosts), Terijo, Classical Sass, Danna Colman, Thom Garrett, Ezinne, Zev, Violet DeTorres, Jim Reeves, Charlotte Franklin, Dusty Craig, Ann Litts, Anna, alto, David Montgomery, Stuart James, Gail Boenning, Meg, Jack Preston King, Jk Mansi, Randomly Me, Sherry Caris, Interculturalisticman, The Solitary Cook, Gutbloom, Karen DeBonis, Indira Reddy, Alexainie, Clay Rivers, Lynn Warren, David Moser, Lecia Michelle 📃, Fierce Force 💃🏼, Rocket Worley, Michael Ramsburg, Gerard Mclean, DHBogucki, walkerjo lee, D Abboh, Normal Earthling, Bonnie Flach, ThunderPuff, SF Ali, Abby Norman… and if you look at the list and go “Shouldn’t so&so be here?” then yes they should and I feel very bad for leaving them out so please add them. And if you look at the list and wonder why YOU are on it, just smile and nod and work your way to the exit quietly, it’s okay.

Third, if you are joining us late and wondering WTF, read this:

I would just tell you to follow the responses backwards, but Medium (having fixed the claps, hopefully) now has it so following response threads is a nightmare. Anyway, the threads got a little crazy (or the responders did) and we are NOT having an actual party at my house, you’re safe.

Lastly, many of y’all gave my wife bunches of laughs in a week that hasn’t great (and I’m writing this on Monday night) so thank you. Others of you have made her smile in the past, or made me smile, or have just been nice people. So thank you to my fellow introverts, my Medium peeps, and my wonderful crazy people, and keep doing what you’re doing. 💚

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Husband & retiree. Developer, tech writer, & IT geek. I fill what’s empty, empty what’s full, and scratch where it itches. Occasionally do weird & goofy things.

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