In our case, I don’t wear jeans, so it wouldn’t happen. But I heard of a fellow who actually does wear the same size jeans as his wife, and put on her jeans when he wasn’t paying attention. His first reaction: “What the hell is wrong with my pockets?” Apparently pockets in pants for women are undersized, the philosophy being women always carry stuff in their purses, so what’s the point. This was a self-perpetuating condition for decades until women started to put phones in their pockets. Or tried to. And then started trying phones in their pockets while they were in the store dressing room, and if the phone didn’t fit the sale didn’t happen. So now (I understand) women’s jeans either have adequate pockets in back or in front, but not both.

Comments from an actual jeans wearer welcome: Charlotte, Sherry, Ezinne, Ellie, ThunderPuff, The Solitary Cook, Annie, Ann, Anna, Meg, Patsy, Gail, or anyone else who wants to jump in.

Meanwhile, Stuart, did the jeans fit, or did you just shiver in your shorts when the weather turned?

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