I was thinking “Hallmark movie” more as a shorthand for “fun family friendly flick” than “made for TV movie,” so theater-released production, why not? Hell, yes! We’d even see it in the theater (usually we wait for the DVD on Netflix) at Christmas. And now that you mention it, I do remember you mentioning in the intro about the idea starting as a script. Also about Kevin Hart playing Franklin in another post, which didn’t mean anything at the time, because I knew the name but not the actor; since then we’ve watched Central Intelligence (Deb loves The Rock) and yes, Kevin has the range and ability to do physical humor that would match Franklin’s character. I don’t know much about how these things happen (my sister works in TV, mostly) but I hope we’ll be seeing movie posters for Christmas Is some day!

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Husband & retiree. Developer, tech writer, & IT geek. I fill what’s empty, empty what’s full, and scratch where it itches. Occasionally do weird & goofy things.

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