I Felt You Stir Beside Me

While you were far and away

Jack Herlocker
1 min readAug 5, 2022
My wife in bed (I could not find a photo where she was asleep! pity, that, as she looks angelic in her sleep… angels sometimes drool, right?) [photo by author]

Last night in our bed
I felt you stir beside me—
not heavily, more like
when you stretch a leg
or your hip is bothering you—
and it made me feel
safe and loved to know
that you were within arm’s reach
and I could touch you
or hold you
or kiss you
if I needed to…

So even when morning woke me
before the alarm
I still felt your presence
in that dream-into-wake moment
before I remembered
you were miles and miles away
and had been since half a day before…

Deb is spending quality girl time with our grandniece and her grandmother (Deb’s sister) doing summer vacation stuff like miniature golf and carriage rides. Usually I’m a little anxious the first night she’s away and I have trouble sleeping, but for some reason my hindbrain picked up something that it interpreted as her presence in bed, and didn’t hassle me about being alone.



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