I enjoyed a wonderful promotion to adulthood on a visit to my parents with my first wife. It was somewhat exhilarating.

A month later we filed for divorce.

Two months after that I was in Illinois again (for Christmas!), still no longer married, but also unemployed! And in three months I went from mature adult to blithering idiot (apparently).

Y’know those comedies where the protagonist hires someone to play the significant other for a family event? And most of the audience is thinking, “What kind of an idiot would do that?!” And you’re sitting there thinking, “Are these people in the Yellow Pages? Do they have a website? Are we talking hourly rental rates or daily or what? Would I go with someone really good looking, or would that be suspicious?” <sigh>

I met Deb before I did anything stupid. No wait, there was whatzername… okay, before I did anything PERMANENTLY stupid…

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