I am, Bebe. Used to be a hard-core evangelistic agnostic (I DON’T KNOW THE TRUTH, AND NEITHER DO YOU!) but I relaxed into a more laid-back agnostic as I learned about relativity, quantum mechanics, and complexity (chaos) theory, and determined that the universe has some seriously weird sh*t going on. So I try not to make fun of people’s belief systems if the results make them and the people around them happier.

I also go to church (UCC) with my wife almost every week. We tithe, kick in some extra when needed, and serve on groups as our talents move us. Deb does worship teams and children’s sermons and scripture readings (she’s a preacher’s kid, she good at it), while I’m on the AV team and serve as webmaster (I’m a technogeek 😁).

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