FWIW, my niece graduated PA school recently and got a job (even before graduation) at Johns Hopkins.

  • The hours suck.
  • The schedule is unpredictable.
  • The people range from jerks to saints.
  • The daily “routine” is anything else but.
  • The pay is decent, although with their student debt it’s not like she and her husband are in any danger of living without a budget, any time soon.

She loves it.

Oh, and PA school was brutal. She compared under-grad life to post-grad; under-grad was four years of party, while PA school… Near graduation she and her classmates were trying to figure the last time they were out partying, and decided maybe a two-hour lunch (her husband: “When did you ever take a two-hour lunch?” “Okay, maybe it was more like 90 minutes”) was the best they could come up with. She also said she made her best friends ever in that place.

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