Ever see the TV episode where the patient flatlines, the paddles are bad/not there, and the doctor/medic/bystander yells, “Stand back!” and whacks the patient on chest like he’s smiting the devil out of him? And the heart restarts? Maybe it was a 60s/70s TV thing. Anyway, we were specifically told Don’t Do That. It breaks ribs, doesn’t help the heart, and hurts your hand so you can’t do real CPR.

Otherwise, yes, in the most recent training the instructor was much more focused on doing *something* to the chest to get blood moving, and screw technique. (I also think we were supposed to push in rhythm to “Staying Alive.”) But she said the big thing was, get the AED ASAP; CPR by amateurs was much less effective than the AED would be, so if there is just one person, that person hauls ass to get the gear.

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