Chats with Lolo — Part 3

In which we find why the characters are

Jack Herlocker


Created by author using DALL-E: “empty wooden park bench under several trees, autumn season, illustration style”

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“Oh! Hello, Lolo! I didn’t expect to find you here this early. Everything okay? How did you get in?” Jack looked over to check the gate—it had been broken, and Lolo needed someone larger than she was to open it—but the gate was gone. “Oh good, park maintenance finally got it,” he remarked, and seated himself on the park bench next to Lori.

“Hello, Mr. Jack. Do you feel okay?” The young girl smiled, but looked concerned.

“Sure! Um, I guess.” Actually, suddenly he did not feel all that well. Tired. Maybe he had walked to the park at too fast a clip. That was probably it. He looked around for his iPad.

“You don’t have it, Mr. Jack. Your iPad. You don’t need it anymore. It’s okay.”

“I usually have it with me when I leave the house. Getting forgetful in my old age.” Jack smiled at Lolo. “No worries, I have my…” He patted his empty shirt pocket.

“No phone, either. Sorry. But you don’t need it. Not anymore. Not soon.”

“But what if my wife needs to… needs to…” Jack looked like he was having trouble finding words for what he wanted to say.

“She’s right here, Mr. Jack. She’s holding your hand right now.” Lolo reached out and took his hand. He looked down at it.

“Deb?” he asked.

Lolo shook her head. “My real name is Lori.”

Jack smiled. “One of my Medium friends, Harry, writes about a young friend of his; her name is Lori, also.”

“I’m not Mr. Harry’s Lori, Mr. Jack, I’m your Lori. You fell asleep reading one of Mr. Harry’s stories, but you had a blood clot break…



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