Chat with Deb — Our Great Northern Cruise, Part 7

“What cute little puffins—” “INCOMING!”

Jack Herlocker


So when last I posted, we were just departing Greenland on our way to Iceland.

So, you know those big chunks of ice that float around up north? Not really icebergs, but still weighing a few hundred tons each? Nice big lumps that (I always thought) melt away gently? While we were in transit, one of our guest lecturers shared a video a previous cruise passenger had shot. If you listen to the audio, you can hear gasps from the other passengers as the ice spontaneously collapses.

ME: So, what I take from this is, if we get a chance to clamor onto an iceberg, DON’T!

DEB: I’ll be right there not exploring with you, Jackster!

Northwest corner of Iceland. We pulled into ‎⁨Ísafjörður⁩ our first day there, then cruised overnight to ‎⁨Akureyri⁩. At one point we crossed the Arctic Circle… for the first of several times. (Source: Apple Maps, with author’s annotations.)

Our ship came within sight of the coast of Iceland just before breakfast. We had no need to rush, as our arrival was delayed by — you guessed it!—fog.

There’s a harbor right over… um, there? ME: Well, at least we can see the mountains! DEB: Yes. Shame we are not actually GOING to the mountains, hmmm? (this and remaining photos by author)

The fog kinda cleared up, enough so the bridge crew was comfortable coming into port. We debarked and found ourselves in the lovely town of ‎⁨Ísafjörður⁩.

Deb, bundled up and ready to go bird watching!

We boarded a small boat, crewed by locals, to take us to Vigur Island. Before we had cleared the harbor we were back in fog, which meant that our teenage boat guide, Victoria, had to call on our imaginations.

VICTORIA: So if you look out to port—that way (pointing to our left)—you normally would be able to see where we have…



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