Chat with Deb—Our Great Northern Cruise, Part 6

They predicted fog and ice. They were correct, but fortunately NOT both at once.

Jack Herlocker


Photo taken around 10AM, not long after we cleared the fog. Not a big ice chunk, but at times the passage between cliffs was maybe five times as wide as our ship at most, and the actual navigable channel was much more limiting. So ice floating in the channel was watched with great interest. (all photos by author)

So when last we left, our ship was passing close to a lot of ice, with more to be expected the next day. Plus fog. As we traversed the Prince Christian Sound in Greenland, which a sister ship failed to do because there was too much fog and ice, only two weeks before. Since we had regularly experienced fog in early morning and late evening, Deb was worried.

Deb is a smart lady.

DEB: (after I turn off the morning alarm and roll back to her in bed) So you heard the fog horns in the night, right?

ME: Um… maybe? I slept pretty well. I might have heard something, I guess. (ship’s foghorn sounds) Something like that, yes.

We open our curtains, tightly shut because this far north, even in August, there is not a lot of darkness. The fog is THICK; until I pull up the ship’s position chart on the cabin’s TV, we don’t even know for certain that we are in Prince Christian Sound. (Yes, I took photos, but pictures of fog on water are very boring. Trust me.)

At breakfast, we can almost make out parts of the sound. Sorta.

ME: If this keeps up, this will be a somewhat boring transit. Sorry, luv!

And then shortly before 10AM, we exited the fog bank into clear, sunny weather! Visibility went from “what visibility?” to unlimited.

View from our verandah. The fog bank on the left, from which we’d just emerged, is taller than our ship, so those mountains on either side are TALL.

DEB: Honey, it’s beautiful!

ME: And now we can see all the ice we haven’t been hitting!

DEB: But look at those peaks! Almost… unworldly?



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