Chat with Deb—Fairy Ninja Trick-or-Treater

Okay, fine, maybe you had a book on the best seller list, but did you ever have one of your characters come to your door for Halloween? Hmm?

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The Fairy Ninja Squad, from “Who Kidnapped Sheb Woolly?” by Debra Tanguy Herlocker (illustration by Valerie Bouthyette, who illustrated all the Caitlyn’s Adventures books)

DEB: Chris and Joelle are bringing Noah and Oliver over to trick-or-treat. I told them it’s okay.

ME: Sure, honey!

It was two days before the official costumed-kids-hit-the-streets day in our township, but why not? Plus we just turn out our lights and hide on the real Halloween, so this worked out better. And any chance for Aunt Debbie to see our niece, her husband, and our grandnephews is always worthwhile.

Deb had her witch hat ready, and we made a trip to the grocery for treats. So we were totally ready when the doorbell rang at the expected time.

Okay, not totally ready, it turned out.

NOAH: Trick or treat!

Our very own Fairy Ninja surprising Great Aunt Debbie; the Fairy Ninja in action. (photos by Christopher Eyster, father and costumer)

DEB: Ooooh! Trick or treat! Won’t you come in?

NOAH: I’m a Fairy Ninja!

DEB: A Fairy Ninja! Just like in Caitlyn! I love it! C’mon in!

The Fairy Ninjas are from the Caitlyn Adventure book, Who Kidnapped Sheb Woolly?, by Debra Tanguy Herlocker. My wife, you should know, is the author of three children’s books: Caitlyn’s Adventure, Who Kidnapped Sheb Woolly?, and Caitlyn and the Best Dressed Nest

JOELLE: So when we asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween, he said, “A fairy ninja!”

CHRIS: Which they don’t have in the regular costumes, for some odd reason, but I found a ninja costume and I found fairy wings, and there you go!

JOELLE: So he wore this to day care, and people were asking him what he was supposed to be, and he said, “A fairy ninja,” like Of course!, and then he would tell them the story of Caitlyn and Sheb and the Fairy Ninja Squad.

¹The first two are currently available on The last one has not been published yet, as her technical editor is having technical difficulties with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). KDP is a delightful way to self-publish, unless there is a problem with the file upload, in which case the error is usually just “There was a problem, upload unsuccessful,” which the technical editor is currently finding less than fully helpful. 🤬 Working on it.

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