Blue Egg on Mulch

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Photo by author.

Eggs stolen,

In our backyard several days ago, we noticed that a robin had prepared a nest in a tree a few feet from our four-season porch. For the most part she just sat on the nest. Sometimes she would fly off, but she’d be back in short order.

DEB: We FINALLY have a robin’s nest that’s in a safe spot and not poorly positioned. Get ready for chicks in a week!

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Photo by author. Shot at long range and enlarged — I was trying not to spook her.

Then yesterday at breakfast, Deb noticed that Henrietta (all of our female nest-building robins in our backyard are named “Henrietta”) was not on her nest. Not through the entire breakfast. Worrisome. Had something happened to our robin?

Then mid-morning:

DEB: Jackster! She’s back! But something’s wrong. She’s just standing there.

And that’s all she was doing. Standing on the edge of her nest. Looking at it. Not even attempting to sit. She stayed that way for about an hour, we think, and then she wasn’t there. This morning at breakfast, she still had not come back.

But when I went to check out a speck of blue on our mulch, not far from the nest, it turned out to be a robin’s egg. Empty.

DEB: Poor Henrietta! She never catches a break.

Inspired by Tre L. Loadholt’s “Six-Word Story” prompts.

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