A Candle in the Window

This one goes out to the one I love

It’s a custom in south-central PA to put candles in our windows at Christmas time. (Electric, of course. Some of us may be quaint, but we’re not idiots.) Some leave them up all winter (that would be me, except my wife reads me the side of the box that explains the candles should not be used continuously for more than two months), some leave them up all year (maybe they rotate them, or maybe they threw away the boxes and the two month limitation spell was broken?).

How this got started nobody knows—or rather, lots of people know, as you’ll find with some Google work, only the sources differ tremendously. It was the Irish, it was Colonial Williamsburg (the theme park, not the actual town in colonial times), it was a symbol of welcome for the Holy Family, it was sign of protest against the British…

One site said Pennsylvanians do it just because it’s pretty and the electric candles don’t cost much. That sounds like the people I know.

Maybe it’s just because a friend asked for it.

And sometimes it’s because there’s a loved one who is coming home tomorrow night, and when she turns into our street and sees the candle in the window of our bedroom she’ll know someone has missed her very, very much.

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