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Conversations with My Wife

Lessons & Observations

Spring! Our favorite! At least until the leaves start to turn.

Breakfast, around 8AM, eating on our four-season porch while looking at our backyard go through spring in almost real time. It’s overcast, and there’s been a light rain so everything is damp but not soggy.

Being retired lets us see the days as they pass. When we were working, we’d be on the road to work before the sun came up, this time of year. Certainly, we’d be eating breakfast in the dark, unable to fully appreciate Being rather than Doing. (See, Ann, I was paying attention!) And unable to appreciate our yard and its springtime changes.

DEB: The red…

“This is pretty gross. I mean it.”

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Pat finally sat back in her chair and addressed E, with an obvious expression of frustration. “Can you please tell your boyfriend to sit still while I’m trying to work? I had an easier time painting faces on four-year-olds at the fair last year!”

K looked an apology at E. Forgiveness was not returned in kind. She looked him in the eye over her glasses—oh crap, yeah, she’s pissed, but it’s not like I’m used to this!—and spoke like she would to a misbehaving child. “Sit. Still. Close your eyes if you have to. This doesn’t hurt, it’s not a…

Where in the world is Roz? Not so much “Where?” as “With whom?”

But for how much longer? Good question

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

Nicole Dieker put me on to a book, Still Alice, by Lisa Genova. It’s a story of Alice Howland, Harvard professor, who starts having memory problems, leading to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. She’s still in her fifties.

I’m only a little ways into the book so far, but the sense of déjà vu all over again is already hitting me. I’m brain-damaged, you see, so I’m terrified of losing my mind the way someone suffering from dementia would. Because it’s already started, like it did for Alice.

Chunks and bits vanish from memory

For my wonderful Debster

I love your silver hair
as it becomes closer to mine

I love you aging
because you become more of yourself every day

I love you getting older
because you do it with me

I love the markers of years


I have a fondness for LovePop cards. I couldn’t find a “birthday” card I really liked, but this one felt right for the occasion. (photo by author)

Just curious…

So I’m trying to figure out why this t-shirt:

…is patriotic, but this:

My Wife, the CPO

ME: I need an illustration for the story. DEB: What about that photo of me in that lodge hat, or whatever? That’s kind of nautical, right? (photo by author of wife trying on a hat in a flea market)

I poke my head into her closet, where Deb is hanging up stuff while getting ready for bed.

ME: You, m’lady, are a chief.

She pantomimes an indigenous tribal leader while giving me a questioning look.

ME: No no, like a Navy chief. Chief petty officer. CPO. The ones who get stuff done.

Backing up…

My wife has gone back to work, part-time. She’s at a local firm that does business taxes, helping with the rush months (February through mid-April). She started last year (and got cut short by the Trump Pandemic when the company had to shut down their…

Snowperson, sled, and SURPRISE!

So I mentioned I probably missed some winter decorative items around the house:

And sure enough!

So he was at floor level! How was I supposed to know to look there!

Oh, and there was stuff outside. Okay, I should have remembered that.

Oh look, bunnies! … And more bunnies… And…

Deb and I like reading through catalogs at breakfast. Seasonal, generic, whatever. We amuse easily.

Now we’re getting Easter catalogs. No Passover catalogs, though. Although I suspect one order of Yehuda matzos from Amazon and that will be over.

ME: See what this t-shirt says?

DEB: “It’s not about the bunny, it’s about the lamb.” So?

ME: What’s all over the rest of the page? Bunnies. Preceding five pages? Bunnies. Following three pages? Bunnies. So basically bunnies out-sell lambs by 53 to one. Also, on the t-shirt itself? No lambs. …

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Husband & retiree. Developer, tech writer, & IT geek. I fill what’s empty, empty what’s full, and scratch where it itches. Occasionally do weird & goofy things.

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