40 Things I Love

So Dennett both charged me with coming up with 40 Things and simultaneously demonstrated an impossible example to best. But that’s okay, because after all, This Is Not A Contest.¹

Also, I noticed that other people have not numbered their lists. Ha! I have found a loophole…

Firstly and foremost, I love my wife, Deb. Lady Debra.² The Debster. My friend, my companion, my lover, my partner, my future; for as long as she wants me, as long as she needs me, or as long as we both shall live.

After that, in no particular order (especially the photos, because I have some things I love that don’t photograph well)…

I like dragons. They’re cool.

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Books in general, yes, but science fiction in particular.

Going to the theater with my wife. Musicals, drama, comedy, whatever. We have season tickets to the Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, PA, because they do a wonderful job and have never disappointed.

Christmas with my wife. Christmas alone, meh, but with Deb it’s magical again.

Nieces and nephews. Especially the ones who never quite grow up (taking after their uncle).

My extended family, especially on Deb’s side.

My church family. Which, yes, I realize is odd for an agnostic, but I’m not an evangelistic agnostic. I try (mostly) to judge people on their actions, not their beliefs. (Mostly. Sorry, the earth is NOT flat, the world was NOT created six thousand years ago, and everything “natural” is NOT good for you.)

My Medium peeps. “You discovered this odd tribe of people,” my wife tells me, “and they like you and you like them and you enjoy each other’s online company and you all support each other and nobody seems to care that most of you are a little odd. Okay, all of you, really. I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing.”

Fantasy artwork. Especially the affordable stuff.

Travels to new places with my wife. I used to travel some by myself, but since I married Deb I don’t enjoy being solo. Either I’m finding things that make me wish I was with her, or I’m having panic attacks because I’m so used to having my travel companion with me. But travels with Deb, even just commutes to the office, are times of fun and marvel.

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Flowers. They’re cool.

Flowers for my wife. Special category. Some are in vases, some are in pots, some are outside. Flowers for my wife are so cool.

Computers. When they work right.

Programming on computers. Especially programs that people still use years and years later.

Writing on computers. Writing in general, sure, but I NEED A DELETING BACKSPACE KEY. And Undo. And automatic backups. And Internet search.

Technical writing. I got out of IT for a little while in the mid-1990s because I was burned out, and a job opened up for a tech writing firm. I found I really enjoyed putting together manuals and instructions (written and online).

Well-designed stuff. Almost doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s well-designed and well-crafted, it’s neat. New or old, matters not.

Food. (Except Brussels sprouts. And beets.)

Eating out with, yes, my wife. Friends and family too, sometimes, but my wife makes every meal an occasion.

Dogs. Dogs are wonderful. Dogs should be forever. We don’t have a dog (or any other pet) because they aren’t. Our hearts break when somebody else’s dog passes, we can’t imagine losing our own.




Summer. Okay, seasons in general, which I never appreciated until I lived in California for three years and had to go without them.

Occasionally acting goofy, especially with nieces and nephews and kids in general.

My IT gang at work. They’re smart, hard-working, and they like my oddball sense of humor and play off of it.

Our backyard. Deb had this strange idea that we could have a waterfall built in our very own (entirely streamless, except during heavy rains) backyard, which I always thought was crazy until we saw two demos set up during a home show. Hey, if somebody could do that for a 3-day show, how hard could it be? Okay, a fair amount, as it turned out, but the end result was worth it.

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Hats. Practical and not.

Touches my wife does around our house that makes it a home. That makes it our home.

Sunrises and sunsets, when I watch them with my wife.

Birds. Our birds, our regular customers who come to our feeders, who have their own habits and behaviors and phobias and favorite seeds.

Deb, when she’s in Aunt Debbie mode.

Conversations with my wife.

Conversations with My Wife. (What, I can’t plug my own series?) The responses we get are wonderful.

My ex-wife, who is a wonderful person and a marvel. She retired as a Navy commander in the reserves, got her education doctorate in her 50s, and decided it would be neat to be a wine expert, so last year she kicked ass on her second-level sommelier exam. She’s not changing jobs or anything, she just likes challenges.

Water beds. Even if some people (Interculturalisticman, lookin’ at YOU) make fun of us old folk for still having them (good for the back, and heated!).

That feeling when I come onto the porch, and the Christmas tree is on and the backyard lights are showing off the snow and the air is warm inside, and my wife comes up behind me, puts her arm around me, and kisses me.

My wonderful wife and the life and love she has given me.

And since I’m already over-sharing:

¹Yes I know, all losers say that. Shut up.

²Yes, seriously. See here. What, I would make up something like that?

Copyright ©2019 by Jack Herlocker. All rights reserved, including the right to add or subtract something if my count was off.

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Husband & retiree. Developer, tech writer, & IT geek. I fill what’s empty, empty what’s full, and scratch where it itches. Occasionally do weird & goofy things.

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